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By American Company was formed in 1998 for the purpose of providing quality jewelry and accessories crafted and manufactured in the United States. As a result of imports, many manufacturers have been forced to close or greatly reduce their workforce. We want to stop this trend. We believe our products are competitively priced, produced to strictest quality standards, and manufactured with environmentally safe processes.

How can we do this? By selling direct to you and not taking the outrageous profits that the major brands take. We are proud of the heritage and traditions of the craft in the US and want to provide you with products that you will be proud to wear. Please join our growing customer base and help to keep jobs in America! 

Our customers benefit because "Made in the USA" has become more and more important to the American consumer. All of the products featured in this website have been designed and manufactured  by American craftsmen. 

We're committed to promoting "Made in the USA", and we're committed to you, the consumer who is looking for great looking jewelry at an affordable price.

By American Company still believes there is something very special about products that bear the "Made in the USA" label. American craftsmanship, American quality, American integrity...there's simply nothing like it!



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